What we do for you.



for one or mutiple sites:

  • we handle your complete collection and recycle management, 

  • our RecyNet offers complete transparency, per site and consolidated for head offices, (mutilple countries)

  • service procurement,

  • quality management,  audits at service providers to ensure all necessary permits (ADR, hazardous waste etc),

  • Service level measuring of the service providers,

  • fulfillment of recycling quota,

  • reverse flows of secondary raw materials towards your production sites,

  • dispose non-usable flows,

  • collection at your end-user and ensure by incentives,

  • one single point of contact,

  • multi langual ops department,

  • trade,

  • consultancy and improvement,

  • hands-on approach,

  • compliance on national and international Level,

  • notifications (waste export licences).


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For online business

More and more authorties force online retail to take back used appliances and products with sales of new product. For example in Germany it is obligatory to have a physical take back network in place in nearby reach for consumers and end-users. We offer these networks including re-furbishment.

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For retail chains

  • Management of all collection, trade and recycling,

  • online ordering for collection over RecyNet,

  • anytime available status and history overview with RecyNet,

  • costumised with only the applying services

  • clearence on stakeholder level

  • consolidated data for head offices over RecyNet

  • multi langual costumer service available

  • consulting on reverse logistics

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Specific challenges

A new development is handling of obsolete Lithium-Ion batteries used in numerous products,

non-damaged, damaged or critical we help you to find the right compliant solution.


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