Business Cases

Collection of stone wool used in green houses for controlled excelerated plant growth.​

A major manufacturer of special stone wool slabs offers her customers a sustainable collection and recycling program. Recyquip is responsible for managing the whole chain: operational set-up, Germany wide annual collection, splitting into re-usable secondary raw materials, consolidated deliveries to the brick industry, mass flow reporting and procurement of all services connected. Meanwhile over 6.000 tonnes is collected and recycled with 95% participation of the manufacturer customers.

Notification set-up for the stone wool export from Switzerland to France.​

with conscent of the responisble authorities in both countries RecyQuip managed to prevent the neccesity of a notification (waste export licence).

Take back of refrigerant.

Recyquip organises the take back and reverse logistics of refrigerants for a major manufacturer of building airconditioning. At the manucaturers installers the used refrigerants are collected in designated gas bottles and transported to the production site for treatment and re-use. 

Recycling and cleaning of packaging.

For a producer of professional cleaning chemicals Recyquip collects the empty containers and jerrycans for re-use and Recycling in the Benelux.


Lithium-ion battery collection.

For several sales companies and manufacturers of devices containing lithium-ion batteries Recyquip organised take back in close collaboration with certified recylers in Germany and Belgium.

Complete set-up of the primary and secondary supply chain for a major recycler of post-consumer absorbent hygiene products.

In the Benelux, United Kingdom and Germany Recyquip organised and ensured the input and the off take for the recycling facilities. The input side with material sources like hospitals, elderly homes and childs day care. The offtake side high quality paper fibers and plastics.

Managing and increase the number of franchisees for the recycling installations of absorbent hygiene products.

Recyquip succesfully found additional partners in Japan, Israel, Australia, Slovenia (joint venture) and South Africa.

The other collection for retail chains.

Set-up and managing collection networks for retail chains in being smart and different

Manage and organise collection maintenance and service technicians.

During maintenance, hazardous and non-hazardous waste does occur which is time consuming for the technicians to dispose of Recyquip offers various flexible solutions.

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