About us



Recyquip GmbH founded in 2010 with the idea to implement international waste collection and recycling projects. As customer projects were developed, the need for environmental sustainability and producers responsibility  moved more into focus. Meanwhile these processes are part of the change to  the circular economy and the opportunity for Recyquip to support her partners and customers with the new arosen challenges.

A business case example.

The first customer was Knowaste LLC a global player in recycling post-consumer absorbent hygiene products. 

The assignment split over three stages;

  • find suitable areas/countries,

  • gather input material at various sources as municipalities, hospitals, elderly homes and childs day care,

  • create secured off take of the recycled plastics and paper fibers.

Recyquip succesfully set up new markets in the Netherlands, Germany, Slovenia, United Kingdom and with franchisees in Japan, South Africa and Australia.

The founder

Anthony Vitters the Director/Owner of Recyquip brings over 20 years experience in collection and recycling started at BFI (Suez) as Account Manager and changed to Van Gansewinkel as Head of Sales both located in the Netherlands. Then shifted to Munich at CCR Reverse Logistics Group as Purchase Manager and promoted to Head of Business Development. All companies with an outstanding record on collection, recycling and waste magement.

Our Proposition

For Industry; Collection of all wastes, hazardous or non-hazardous supported by muti langual RecyNet an order management system which manages: order placement, order tracking, instant reports,  mass flow, history paper free invoicing, pricing structure etc. Reverse logistics of recycables into the production process.