RecyQuip offers an international network of carefully selected and certified service providers maintaining one single point of contact for multiple country services.

RecyQuip contributes to your circular economy with clustered know-how on closed loops, reverse logistics, recycling, processing and compliance.

Let us fulfill your producers responsibility.

Global collection and reverse logistics
Outsourced but you stay in controll

A certified and audited supplier network with single point of contact.

Our RecyNet platform offers a direct status access  for order management and mass flow.

compliant  with (local) legislation
Transparency by open book

Let us be compliant for you and let us take care of all complex legislation.

Open caculation structure with no secrets leads to the best cooperation.

Look at our business cases....

No boundaries.

An international team of specialists helps you to find the ideal compliant solution


The platform for order & mass flow management and compliant  consolidated reports anytime

With our experience we help you save raw materials by  realising closed loops.


9 years of servicing the DACH Market place with secundary raw material KnowHow... 

July. 2019


RecyQuip GmbH

New member of the German Dutch Business Forum 

June. 2019   

Lucky number 7 years RecyQuip GmbH.​..

January. 2017   


Post-consumer agricultural stone wool collection In Germany.....

January. 2017  

New partners added to the operational network....​

December. 2016   


New office in Seeshaupt (near Münich) .​...

October 2016   

New office in Düsseldorf....​

Sept. 2012